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She speaks in Subtle Whispers


He shouts in Thunderous Tones

Echoes of Memory

Scattered like Stones

Falling from Leaden Skies

Through Dappled leaves of Delicate Sighs

Tragedy Secretly Unfolds

Through Emeraldine Kisses and Tempestuous Golds

Spirit of Majesty

Reaching to Infuse

Recollections of Being to Beguile and Confuse.



I recently used this image in Wordless Wednesday, but the Solitary Spirit kept whispering to me and whispered to others as well, So I felt Inspired to Share a Prompt.

What does this Beautiful Spirit Say to you?  Does She Whisper or Is His Voice commanding?  If you feel led, Please write your post and link back to this.  I will add your verse to the post and link to yours.

Thank You for Sharing the Magic and Mystery of Inspiration 🙂






Beautiful Photographs found at: by Norfolkimages