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Im not one to rant and Im certainly never going to give Dennis Leary a run for his money.  I tend to believe that the ranter wastes far more energy than the rantee is worth, However, there are occasional exceptions.

I was recently appalled when the FREE ( FREE Mind you! FREE!) Twitter content management account I set up with the company Round Team decided to charge me for said FREE account.  $30 is certainly not going to make or break anyone and is typically not something I’d get up in a fluff about; still, when said company charges you without prior notification and then refuses to even respond to multiple attempts at communication over the matter, my red flag alarm started going off.

So here’s my two cents worth…Think long and hard before using or continuing to use this company.  From what I’ve read on related forums, they have done this to MANY other FREE account holders without any prior notification and then, very often, freeze said accounts from retweeting anything.


Thanks for humouring me while I vent!