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Diana over at Myths of the Mirror was Kind enough to share the news of my recent release, Book three of the Dark Fey Trilogy.

Thank You Diana!

You can read the entire post here: https://mythsofthemirror.com/2017/10/24/dark-fey-trilogy-breaking-into-the-light/

I Hope you enjoy the preview I’ve shared 🙂




Myths of the Mirror

Book Three: Amazon Link

Cynthia Morgan has a new book and offered to share an excerpt. Beautiful covers!

A Brief Excerpt from book three of the Dark Fey Trilogy….

“Ye’ shoul’ no enter th’ demesne of th’ Reviled unarmed, ‘ealer.”  Bryth and Mardan agreed emphatically, but Gairynzvl shook his head; gazing with comprehension and even greater respect at his friend.

“He cannot represent Peace armed.”  Smiling at his friends with candid esteem, Evondair raised his hand to cover his heart as he bowed to them with closed eyes and wings furled inward in a sign of profound respect; then he turned for the mountain. Stepping briskly through the snow as he spread his wings wide, he utilized several powerful wing beats to ascend into the increasingly furious snowfall as all gazes raised to watch him disappear into the tempest.

Rising into the roiling atmosphere, his friends and fellow Fey of…

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