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Today I am delighted to share a character spotlight by my fellow Creativia Author Kenna McKinnon.


Kenna is a Canadian freelance writer, author of SpaceHive (2012), and Bigfoot Boy: Lost on Earth, as well as Benjamin and Rumblechum, The Insanity Machine; Blood Sister; Short Circuit and Other Geek Stories; DISCOVERY: A Collection of Poetry, Den of Dark Angels, and Engaging the Dragon. Her most memorable years were spent at the University of Alberta, where she graduated with a degree in Anthropology. Kenna is a member of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta and a professional member of the Canadian Authors Association. She has three wonderful children and three grandsons. Her hobbies include fitness, health, drawing, reading, walking, music, cooking and baking for friends.



A 12-year-old boy, Jason Anderson, finds himself kidnapped by giant alien wasps in a ship called SpaceHive, from which he wants to free himself by destroying the wasps and saving the world. However, the Black Wasp General Vard wants to stop him from this, and if he’s successful, will cause Jason to experience the end of the Earth as he knows it. Can Jason save Earth or will the vicious General Vard kill humanity and inhabit Earth?



General Vard is the head of the Black Watch, a fierce army composed of giant alien wasps from the planet Jive Hive, who attempt to colonize Earth. They have transported many of the inhabitants of their planet to Earth on a huge mothership, and are using General Vard’s Death Machine to decimate most of Earth. General Vard is very vicious and does not hesitate to impale his Lieutenants with his poison barbs or use his sword on them. He is the main antagonist throughout the story.

Q:        Hi, there, big boy. What is your name and where do you hail from?
A:        I’m General Vard, of course, in charge of the Bee Queen’s army of mighty wasps from the planet called Jive Hive, in another star system from this puny Earth.

Q:        I see. Can you describe yourself for our readers?
A:        Of course. I’m very proud of my stature, eight feet tall of pure venom, black and yellow striped, and wearing a military tunic with many medals. My face strikes awe into anyone, including my Lieutenants, whom I don’t hesitate to impale with my poisoned barbs if they offend me.

Q:        Hmm. What brings you and your army to Earth?
A:        Not only my army, but thousands of giant worker Bees and the Queen herself, were transported to Earth by the mother ship. The Jive Hive, our planet, was overpopulated and, as usual, our age-old solution was to immigrate. We’ve done this countless times over the centuries. We need more water, more fruit, more habitation for our growing population and our dear Queen.

Q:        Who is your Queen?
A:        Unfortunately, our old rather weak Queen was left behind on Jive Hive. We have a new Queen, suitable for our temperament, which some of the worker bees such as Banter, Bipp, and Zibb consider ill tempered. However, she is very dear to me. I will protect her with my life.

Q:        So, there are too many of you on Jive Hive?
A:        Yes, there are too many of us. The hive has to find a new home. My army, the Black Watch, has been scanning the skies for hundreds of years and keeping a check on our population. The Imperative is to colonize. The whole Jive Hive planet was abuzz with the news when we told them. Our queen said this one, called Earth, is a plum ripe for the picking and only eight lightyears away. We were tired from the long sleep when we arrived. It was a brand-new adventure for us. A new Jive Hive.

Q:        To bad there are beings here, right?
A:        Too bad we have to kill them all. But the new planet’s green and warm. The wasp scouts said that it’s abused by its inhabitants, though. Their fault then and all the more reason to kill them. We must take it while we can.

Q:        Have you met any of the inhabitants?
A:        Yes, after killing thousands around the area we landed in, which was a remote spot the Earthlings call Canada, our worker bee Banter kidnapped a local boy called Jason. He has proven a big mistake to have on board the SpaceHive.

Q:        Why is that?
A:        He’s a very disruptive young Earthling. I understand his father is a scientist and working on a weapon to use against us. I wouldn’t be surprised if this young Jason knows more about it than he lets on. I think he’s dangerous but Banter protects him as though he is a pet. Disgusting.

Q:        What do you think the outcome of this battle will be, General Vard?A:        We have the Death Machine, which would incinerate all of Earth if we were to use it, but we can’t do that because the purpose of our trip is to populate this green and warm planet. So instead we use it selectively on the inhabitants, who use anything in their disposal to keep us away. Why, their generals have even used a nuclear bomb on the site we landed. Very disruptive to the atmosphere, but we managed to escape to a country called India. Unfortunately, the boy Jason was with us. He is proving to be more than a match for my Lieutenants.

Q:        The story is not over yet, General Vard. I suspect you will have much more to tell before the tale is done.
A:        Yes, well, I must get back to my army now. I must deploy the Death Machine against the countryside and try to keep the vegetation, local animals, vegetables and fruit, and especially the rotting fruit available and delicious. My planet depends on me.

Q:        I can see that you are a very important Wasp, General.
A:        See you soon, raccoon. I picked up that expression while on Earth. And by the way, step out of my way or I’ll run you through with my poisoned sword, weak Earthling with a pale face.

Q:        Very funny, General Vard. Thank you for talking to us today.
A:        You might want to tell your superiors that all of Earth is in danger, and soon.

Q:        Okay. Well, I think our next interview might be with the boy Jason.
A:        If you can find him, the manipulative little wretch.

Q:        He sounds like a good soldier to have on our side.
A:        I hate children. They’re such unpredictable citizens. I love to have order in my Army. It is imperative. The worker bees, Banter, Bipp, and Zibb, unfortunately, have taken a liking to this one. I’m sure that we will succeed in colonizing Earth and destroying the inhabitants. The only hope they have is a couple of youth. What can go wrong?


Thank You So much Kenna for sharing your character with BnV today.  I must but this book on my TBRList 🙂

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