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Today’s Character Spotlight is through the talents of his creator, Author Susan Marcus. Former museum professional and puppetry artist, Susan Bass Marcus published her fantasy novel, Malevir: Dragons Return in 2015. The sequel, Where Dragons Follow, is planned to launch by early 2018. Her stories have been published in After Hours (print), on bewilderingstories.com, and the Fall Fantasy Anthology out of Cloaked Press coming in Autumn, 2017.

Today she is portraying Nnylf Geb Eunan with another edition of Dragonwolder in Depth.

“With us today is one of the land’s most famous dragons, Draako Geb Lugent. Two Silver Dragons lead Dragonwolder’s flokks and Draako is one of them. He is also my friend. Hello, Draako. Thank you for joining us today.”

DGL: No, the pleasure is all mine. And we’re more than friends. You’re my dragonrider. We’ve shared many adventures.

NGE: Thanks.  We sure have. You are a young, but accomplished member of the Orferans dragon clan. Can you share where you and your large family live?

DGL: Yes. Everyone knows our lairs lie deep in a cavern we call the Cave of the Ancestors.  A network of tunnels running through the mountains and underearth connects our lairs to many places across Dragonwolder. Our world has two chains of mountains, the Veiled Valley, a vast desert, swampy lowlands, and a rough, forbidding sea.

NGE: When I was a boy and unaware of you and your clan, your mother, the blue dragon Anadraka, and mine would meet secretly near our village, Fossarelick.

DGL: On the other side of the Veiled Valley, far from our lairs.

NGE: People in my village feared and hunted dragons. My sister Azile and I were really young when Anadraka brought us to the Cave of the Ancestors to meet you, in hopes of making peace.

DGL: Under, let’s say, trying—

NGE: Terrifying—

DGL: Terrifying conditions, the Malevir’s second attack on my clan.

NGE: Our chronicler describes that attack and other struggles with the Malevir in her account Malevir: Dragons Return. What does “dragons return” mean?

DGL: People from your village and other settlements in the Veiled Valley feared us for a long time. The Malevir burned fields and killed livestock then spread lies that we dragons were attacking the very people we were supposed to protect. Your mother and mine convinced them to trust us and we came out of hiding. We returned to the Veiled Valley as allies against the Malevir.

NGE: Why do dragons protect Dragonwolder from the Malevir?

DGL: We obey and cherish the Ways of the World. Dragonwolder is our world and our Way is its protection. Most of the Veiled Valley’s people and magical creatures depend on us for their safety. The Malevir has powerful magic and he wants to destroy us, but we’ve managed to defeat him, at least for now.

NGE: With the help of magical giants and a radiant energy source that gives your kind your fire, intelligence, and many different magical powers.

DGL: Yes, that’s the Mystic Scintilla. The Malevir wants to take it, maybe even destroy it, so that we dragons will be nothing but giant lizards.

NGE: You’re no simple lizard. Please describe yourself.

DGL: Well, I’m a bit bigger than your family’s cottage. My scales were blue and dotted with silver when I was a wyrmling, but now I’m all silver. Silvers are destined to lead dragon clans. In my case, my father, Lugent and I lead the Dragonwolder flokk, multiple clans.

I have two powerful hind legs, a pair of strong, wide wings that fold at my sides when I’m not flying, and two arms shorter than my hind legs but useful. My paws each have long opposable thumbs, and three fingers tipped with thick, sharp claws. My jaws have an array of sharp teeth and two sets of fangs protrude in front. My large eyes glow amber when I am content, but turn red if anger floods through me. Otherwise, they are green. A thick webby frill fans out at the base of my neck just above my rider’s hump. All in all, a pretty scary creature, aren’t I?

NGE: Not at all! Rather, awe-inspiring. What passions drive you, my friend?

DGL: I am devoted to my clan and my rider. The need to protect both drives me. I like a good plan and I always want to know where I am going. Because I like to complete tasks, sometimes I act impulsively and that gets me into trouble.

NGE: Tell our audience about your special powers.

DGL: I can’t reveal all of them but I have a way of shooting lightning instead of flames if my target requires it. All Silvers and Blues—I have some Blue in me—can blast a foe with a paralyzing cone of cold. Above all, I am an excellent flyer.

NGE: You said we’ve managed to defeat the Malevir for now. Will the creature return to trouble us?

DGL: The chronicler’s latest account, Where Dragons Follow answers that question better than I.

NGE: Can’t wait to read it. Draako, thank you for sharing your time with us. Your story is for the ages and I hope more people beyond Dragonwolder will hear of it someday.

DGL: My story is linked to yours. Thank you!


Please be sure to visit Susan through her social media sites:
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~Thank You so much Susan for sharing your character with us 🙂  I need to read the book now!!!