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As I prepare to complete book three of the Dark Fey Trilogy this weekend (YAY!) I thought I might share the characters with you and (hopefully) spark your interest.
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Gairynzvl – The Dark Fey Himself, who inspired the tale and whose life as a captive in the dark realm of the Uunglarda compels change.

Mardan – Rival of Gairynzvl who opposes his every action, until he realizes how much he has risked and how much he has to give.

Evondair – The forceful Healer who would rather be reading, but chooses to join Gairynzvl and, ultimately, changes the course of Fey history.

Ayla – Initially, the main character about who the story first revolves.  Her weakness is her greatest strength, without whom, Gairynzvl never would have had a chance.

Bryth – A minor character who takes on greater responsibilities in book two and three. He is a Fey Guard Captain, ready to defend with his life; yet, also, ever ready with a quick jibe.  He holds those around him together and reminds them of their responsibilities.  The attached link shows a bit of his humourous side.

Ilys – a Dark Fey shedemon who comes into the story in book two. She’s known Gairynzvl a long time, in many ways. A Fey of the Light who was abducted as a childfey and, as a result, lives with haunting memories every day; she is a portrayal of PTSD.

Rehstaed – (pronounced with a trilled R-eh-stayed) is introduced in Dark Fey: Standing In Shadows and becomes one of the central, supporting characters in the story. He suffered so horrifying a loss in his personal life that he now simply exists day to day, lost in an addiction to temple wine that makes his life bearable.

Veryth – Although he is a supporting character in the trilogy, his contributions are vital to the story and, indeed, the Fey with whom he interacts.  His influence is gentle, yet powerful.


If you’ve read the books, I’d love to know: Who is your favourite character…and why?


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