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Phantom dressed in the robes of Night
Ethereal Dream Beguiling my Sight
Holding my Gaze
While the room round us Sways
Spectacle Gleaming in Shadows and Light!

Phantom Staring with Unspoken Need
Transient Dream Of Intrepid Deed
Engendering Sighs
Without Ruse or Guise
Unleash Your Magic of Fervent Greed!

Phantom Waiting in Silent Contemplation
Whispering Dream Without Cessation
Standing, Waiting,
Blatantly Debating,
Awaken the Phantoms of Dulcet Predation!


Admittedly a bit of a switch for me from the typical light, bright and beautiful, but where there is light….

Amazing Artwork found at: wallpaperup.com Credit Acknowledged to the Original Artist. Thank You!