All That You Are – #Inspirational #Poetry of #Spirituality

All that You Are

You are the Shrine my Heart runs to when She is Lonely, Weak or Frail,

You are the Temple in which I kneel when my Sorrow forces me to Wail,

You are the Covenant Never to be Broken

The Promise my Soul Knows, Though it has never been Spoken,

You are my Fortress,

My Rock,

Firm Foundation,

You are the Joy in my Life’s Jubilation.

You are the Morning that gently wakens me

You are the soft ripple in the field’s Grassy Sea,

You are the Lark, Singing Sweet and Fair,

You are Love, Waiting with Patience Beyond Compare.

You are the Light in my Darkness of Night

In my World of Wrong,

You are Truth.

You are Light!

Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer. Thank You~

14 thoughts on “All That You Are – #Inspirational #Poetry of #Spirituality

    1. Thanks Richard. I’ve been plugging away at Dark Fey. less than two chapters to go…Then a final revision/review and its DONE 🙂 SO, I haven’t been around much. so sorry I haven’t visited more lately 😦

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      1. me too LOL> you know how it is. You write it and you experience it from this point, and that place, and go back, and jump ahead. When I finally finish and read it from start to end, it’s always surprising lol 🙂

        I hope this isn’t a sore spot, but when is your book three coming out?

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      2. I was never happy with mine, so for me it was easy to say yes. If you like yours that’s different. I think it depends on each person and what you imagined them to look like. If you’re happy, and we already know they’ve sold, I’d leave them alone.

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