#FridayFeyDay – All Things Dark Fey #Official #Website


I am so excited!  All the hard work I’ve put into developing my All Things Dark Fey website (from scratch, no less!) have finally come to fruition.

It is now the Official Dark Fey Website!!! Shared via my author page, my publisher has opened the door to worldwide access, which is as daunting as it is amazing. After all, I am not a web designer by trade, or even by luck.  What I am is a dabbler, and while I dabbled in the precarious art of developing a website to showcase my hard work, the showcase became the hard work.

Now, however, I am excited to share the results. So please do stop by the Official Dark Fey Website.  Have a look around and then, please, let me know what you think. Your feedback is Invaluable to me.  What do you like?  What do you NOT like?  Or did you notice anything that wasn’t working?

Thank You So Much for sharing my delight and Helping Me take this crucial step forward.  YOU ROCK!!!




  1. Looks wonderful! One thing I see on your Books page. When looking on my phone, your upcoming project section, the words Sample Poem overlap the words above and below. Otherwise, everything is grand!!!

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    1. Thanks Dorinda. I’m so glad you stopped in for a look 🙂 I think the Wix phone app is a little squirrely, much like the WP app is, but I will definitely look into this and see if I can optimize the site for Mobile users or something 😉 I very much appreciate the feedback 🙂

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