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Mirabilis 7


Mirabilis 6

Run Down. Decrepit.

Mirabilis 5

Ancient. Primeval.

Deserted. Abandoned.

Mirabilis 4

All of these terms can be applied to any number of structures, once glorious, once tended with affection, once prominent; now standing in silent decay and ruin.

Mirabilis 3

Yet within the hush that has settled over these edifices of antiquity, whispers linger, shadows flicker, and stories wait on the precipice of perception.

Mirabilis 2

These crumbling bastions betray no secrets; still, they entice the imagination and persuade even the most resolute skeptic. Ever worthy of the onlooker’s gaze, even in their final resting peace, they beg to be reexamined and shared.

Mirabilis by aprile24 on Flickr

Like the halls of the heart or the avenues of the Spirit, will we walk by them unshaken by their beauty, unconcerned if they crumble into nothingness and everything they offer is forever lost; or will we pause to allow their silence to stir within us all we have forgotten?


These Beautiful Images were found on Pinterest. They are not my own and I acknowledge the artists who captured these ancient spirits for all to see. Thank You!