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Today I am sharing three teasers of interactions between the two lead characters of Dark Fey:  the Dark Fey Gairynzvl and Ayla, a Fey of the Light offering a glimpse into the changing complexity of their relationship.  In this final offering, an excerpt from the unreleased third book of the trilogy Breaking Into The Light, we see how their relationship has grown in tenderness and intimacy.  I truly hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing this short, yet beautiful love scene.


Returning from the village with those who were eager to gather round the fire and share the small feast with the Liberators of the childfey, Ayla and Ilys strolled with several other shefey who were not presently tending the younglings rescued from the Uunglarda.  Talking quietly, they walked past the barns and stable yards without as much as a second glance; yet as they moved toward the roaring fire and bantering malefey, Ayla stopped abruptly, her mind filling with a soft, drawn-out whisper she recognized only too well.


Gasping in dismay, she covered her face with her hands as her heart lurched with dread.  Fearing the worst, that Gairynzvl had succumbed to his injuries and was reaching out to her one final time, she could not contain the sudden rush of tearful emotion that assailed her as if intent upon strangling her.  Turning to gaze back at her with annoyed confusion, Ilys scowled fiercely and inquired with a distinctly impatient tone just what was the matter, but before Ayla could gather enough composure to answer, Gairynzvl stepped from the dimly lit entrance of the closest barn, flexing his wings unhurriedly as he moved closer to the shefey.

Catching sight of him, Ilys smiled in surprise with an expression of greater relief than she might have typically chosen to show. To disguise her uncustomary display of emotion, however, she turned abruptly and continued toward the fire with the other shefey.

“Do not cry, Ayla.  I am here.”  He spoke to her softly, the sound of his deep voice causing her to jerk her head up in surprise as she looked round in all directions.  When she located him, the tide of emotion that had sought to overwhelm her shifted, but did not dissipate and she turned to face him even as her tears doubled.  Fully anticipating such a welcome from her, he laughed quietly in amused forbearance with her sentimentality and embraced her.  Bending to encircle her with his strong arms as well as his expansive wings, he drew her close to muffle the sound of her crying against his chest as he hushed her with quiet words meant only for her.

After several moments, he drew back and looked down at her in the flickering light of the nearby radiating fire; ignoring the myriad tumbling questions that poured from her thoughts and capturing her perplexed, amber gaze with an intense stare.  Slowly raising one hand to her chin, he held her gently as his own thoughts spun in a feverish whirlwind that sent both their senses reeling.

“You are here?”  She whispered breathlessly; utterly bewildered by his unforeseen return, but he did not answer.  Moving barely an inch at a time, he drew closer, then closer still; his breath coming deeper; his heart pounding faster; his desire focused on the rosy blush of her lips.

“I am here.”  He whispered back to her.  Another fraction of an inch closer, he paused to stare ardently at her mouth as hammering passion spread through his body and he did not restrict the sensation from transferring to her.  In response to the blaze of his desire, her eyes closed and her head tilted back as she offered herself for his kiss and he could not contain the deep moan that escaped him before pressing his mouth to hers so tantalizingly lightly that she sighed sharply and flutter her wings in blissful abandon.  Moving closer, he pulled her against the warmth of his body; his hands cradling her as his soft kisses lingered longer; then longer, until the passion that swirled around them in a dizzying maelstrom prompted her to sigh again, even more profoundly.  Moaning another time with intense pleasure, his thoughts filled with the notion of lifting her into his arms and carrying her into the closest barn to make better use of the darkness and shadows, but even as his desire intensified into a rampant haze, he pulled away.


You can explore Dark Fey in greater detail, read Reviews, Meet the Characters and enjoy more Teasers at the All Things Dark Fey Website





Beautiful photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the original photographer. Thank You~


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