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Prepare for the wind

The wind blows
Gently at times
Gusty at others
From the north,
then from the south
The wind blows

Where does it come from?
Where does it go?
How does it shift,
And change
At a moments notice?

Are you prepared?
Ready for the changing wind?
Ready for the calm?
Ready for the gust?
Are you prepared?

The Spirit blows
Comes in like a flood
Then is quiet
Charging us up,
Giving us rest

Unannounced, the Spirit comes
Desiring to guide us
To talk with us
To take us along a higher path
Always there, near

Do you hear Him?
Do you sense Him?
Does He touch your soul?
Does He alter your life?
Are you ready for change?

The wind changes direction
At a moments notice
The Spirit will change us
At a moments notice
If we’re ready, willing.

Allow Him to come in.
Allow the Spirit to blow
Blow new life into your soul
And be ready
For change.