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Today’s Friday FeyDay spotlight is a scene from Dark Fey:  Standing in Shadows where the Liberators (of Childfey) are preparing to cross into the dark realm of the Uunglarda. In this particular scene the Fey Guard Bryth takes his first steps into a portal, and as a result, a new realm.  This scene takes its time to describe what crossing actually feels like.


Bryth waited for several hesitant moments, unsure how long it might take to cross and unwilling to make the attempt too soon and endanger his friend, but when Ilys spoke in a hushed tone that he could go, he stepped forward, pulled his wings close as he had seen Gairynzvl do and drew a deep breath.  Glancing behind him at Mardan only briefly with an expression that clearly betrayed his enthusiasm regardless of the inherent risk involved, he stepped forward into the undulating mirror.

Instantly a bizarre sensation washed over him that he could not control, a feeling like being slowly immersed into ice cold honey.  The thick, heavy sensation enveloped him and drew him deeper within, pulling him while, at the same time, adhering to him in a suffocating embrace.  Recalling the Fierce One’s instructions to keep moving, Bryth stepped again into nothingness and felt as if he was falling, although the stifling murk surrounding him beguiled his vision so that he could no longer ascertain any direction. As the sucking, slurking darkness drew him deeper into its swirling center, for one terrifying moment, he lost awareness of his own body.  Feeling as if he floated in the sodden darkness, it took all his concentration to take another step forward; however, when he did, he could hear the scrunch of gravel beneath his boots.  Astonished by the sound emanating from out of the deafening silence of the void, he looked downward, unable to see; nevertheless, the unmistakable sensation of solid ground beneath his feet recollected his senses from the terrifyingly vacant euphoria into which they were sliding.  The ability to step forward an additional time came easier with this reorientation and as he did the empty blackness seemed to release him as he slipped through it into a shadow-filled, sulfurous atmosphere.

Looking round him with immeasurable curiosity, Bryth located Gairynzvl standing a few feet away, gesturing to him to step forward again, away from the crossing-point, and with the first step the blank silence that had enshrouded him fell away.  In the distance he could hear the incoherent muffled noises of countless souls in torment, wailing in distress or howling in pain; insidious laughter twisted in the dingy dimness mingling with angry voices shouting in vulgar Dlalth.  Moving closer to Gairynzvl with a grimace of disgust, Bryth’s first query was not about the crossing or the odd sensations he experience while inside the vortex, but very bluntly inquired what the source of the horrid smell was that assaulted them.  Shaking his head with a wry smile, Gairynzvl responded with an ironic chuckle.

“Welcome to the Uunglarda.”.


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