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When you write a book, you naturally hope it will be received well.  You honestly wish people will like it, maybe even love it; and perhaps in the process it may gain some measure of notable attention.  I felt the same when I pressed the publish button on Kindle Direct Publishing in April of 2014 in order to launch my dream Dark Fey The Reviled on its journey.

Today, I have received notification that it has been awarded it’s 5th award.  No, I promise Im not trumpeting my own tune. My point is merely to try to express the amazement and elation I continue to feel as this story that has taken my heart and soul continues to touch others and reach across divides.

So it is with all humility (and a keen sense of appreciation!) that I make this humble request.  If you enjoyed Dark Fey or if you enjoy my writing and care to support me, might you consider taking a moment to visit Golden Book Publishing and vote for Dark Fey The Reviled in their Fantasy Category for Reader’s Choice Award?

Thank You for sharing my excitement and Delight!

My Heartfelt Appreciation is Yours 🙂