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Subdued Night

Shiver with Me in the Subdued Night,
As Breaths of Midnight Turn Softly Round,
Dream in the Satin Ebon Light
Of Eternity Singing without a Sound.
Tremble Beside me in the Delicate Hush
Of Twilight Painted in Lavender Tone,
Linger with me Beyond Life’s Pale Rush,
Amidst the Shadows, Together, Alone.
Sigh with me in Harmonious Song,
Of Gentle Splendors Unknown by Day,
Gild in Romance what E’re stood wrong,
With Your Exquisite Hands, Brush Cares Away.
Dappled Moonlight Around Us Dance,
While Love Boldly Stands Upon Glorious Chance.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Moonchild-Ljilja at Deviantart.com