Online Book Club Official #Review



I just happened upon this 4 out of 4 Stars official Online Book Club review of Dark Fey The Reviled (Oh I Needed this today!) is a free site for readers that has been around for over 10 years, before smartphones even!  They have a professional review team, so garnering any sort of review from them is wonderful.  Earning the coveted 4 out of 4 is enough to send my already Off-my-trolly happiness into the realms of chuffed-beyond-intelligible-expression!
“Of all the characters in this novel… my favorite is Gairynzvl. He has so many layers of emotion and strength so that I was overwhelmed…… The story was pieced together well so that the reader struggles to put it down…I rate this book a 4 out of 4 stars and recommend it to readers.”
Thank You Madison Degraffenreid, I cannot tell you how Delighted I am you enjoyed Dark Fey The Reviled and I am honoured by your review.


    1. Thanks so much Michelle 🙂 I’m even more over the moon to have since found out that this website typically charges authors for reviews…so to have gotten mine ‘for free’ is even 😉

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