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Before the waking hour of morning Sighs,

Before the Moonspun night undoes her hair,

Between the shades of Winsome darkness lies

The blushing rose of Passion’s Touch, so Fair;

Upon Your cheek as youth’s most Handsome Glow;

Within Your gaze Aflame with Tender Hue;

Upon Your lips where honeyed words Enthroned

Spin magic, Oh So Sweetly to Undo!

Unspoken, this True Sentiment is Treasure;

Untouched, this Yearning waits with brazen sighs;

No exclamation loud could closely Measure

The Longing of this heart that softly cries!

Apart from Thee All breaths are hollow Splendor;

Yet In Your Arms each gasp Precious Surrender!






Exquisite Original Music ‘Remember Me’ by Thomas Bergersen