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Where E're_ _by_lostRose20


In Reverence I Bow before Thy Masqued Façade,
The Spirit Soaring to Heights Untold,
In Breathlessness my Heart Applauds,
Love Once Mine, Now Days of Old.
In Humble Patience I Long for Thee,
In Turmoil mocking this Quiet Pause,
In Silent, Sparkling Agony,
That Lifts the Soul; That Gives Hope Cause.
Thou who Hast Been Mine, Long Past,
Be Mine Again; O Come to Me!
Let not Desire be Fruitlessly Cast
Upon the Writhing, Twisting Sea!
Oh Love Afar that Beckons my Heart,
With Thee I Dwell, Where E’re Thou Art.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Lost Rose at Deviantart.com