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(Please enhance the poem by listening to the music while reading.)


Words Spun through willowy Time



In Harmonious Rhyme

Song Sung in the Birth of Breath

Melody Woven

In Life

In Death

Tranquility Dancing in each phrase

Ancient Whispers of Forgotten Praise

Breathe in Me

Most Melodious Rhyme

Spin Your Magic

Like Symphony Sublime


Delicate Touch of Unspoken Love



From the Blissful Cosmos Above

Tapestry of poetic Calm

In Dapples of Light

In the Deep Breathless Balm

Patience Bending upon the Wing

Peaceful Unity Longing to Bring

Breathe in Me

O Most Melodious Rhyme

Weave your Serenity

A Masterpiece, Sublime!


Sing Sweet Spirit

Touch my Heart

Wake my Mind

Sing in Me

So I Sing in Kind!





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Beautiful Original Music: ( Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy – Elegy )