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And the Elders Spoke in Telepathic Unison….

“The hour of decision has come.  A desire to help those who cannot help themselves has been expressed and action is appropriate.  This is a just and admirable cause, one we Fey of The Light have been unable to undertake before this day; yet the Prophecy of Reclamation seems to have been fulfilled, The One who walks in Light and Shadow, spoken of in the ancient texts, has come forth and his Purpose shall not be impeded.”

What they said was as shocking to her as the manner in which they said it and Ayla stared at them in absolute astonishment, her thoughts scattering in a dozen directions as she sought to recall the precise text they referenced.  Even Veryth, who heard their pronouncement as clearly as she and Gairynzvl did, gazed back at them with evident amazement, although his response was tempered with calm serenity as he recited the words of the ancient prophecy.

Out of the Darkness, Light shall burst forth, Indomitable.  And the Light will Prevail over the Darkness by shining into it, Unwavering; Guiding the Innocent from shadow and the irresolute from placidity.”


An Excerpt from Dark Fey Standing In Shadows, which speaks of the promise of Hope for those lingering in shadows.


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