Merlin (Guest Blog)

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We are travelling to the shores of ancient Britain because that is where the call has brought this visitor from the land of Khem. Imagine if you will a figure emerging from the mists, you see that they are female. She turns her dark gaze towards you, words drift from her lips to be carried away on the wings of the winds.

You have been haunting my mind for weeks Prophet and I had no choice but to rise from my sleep and ask why. There is no answer, only an enigmatic silence. The space between us is heavy with meaning, why? Silence tends to provoke more questions than if words were uttered. With infinite patience I waited for the moment that we would finally meet, now it has happened. Fire mixed with air, which is what we are.

What do you see in the silence? I beg of you to answer.

Madness, illness and healing live within that silence. I have much to teach you Priestess, your time of exile is over but first we must tend to that wound lest your lifeblood flows totally away. The Vernal Equinox has passed, leaving behind a land pregnant with life on one hand and giving birth on the other. The natural world is breathing in and out and you are out of rhythm with it. The wild places of your heart are calling; do you have the courage to enter this strange country? Your spirit is sick and you with it. It seems you cannot keep back the tide of poisons surging through those veins.

What you say is indeed true and I need you to heal me. Is this what you want to hear Merlin? Teach me your ways so that I may finally return to life, made whole, to my beloved land. Only you know what it is to be left abandoned on the edge of the world, maddened by pain and loss, no will to live. That is what it came to. I called out to the Child of Light but did he come? I cannot tell, the darkness that was placed around me hid even his Light. I slept, the seasons passed, time had no meaning even for my mortal self.

I offer you my hand lady, will you take it? Good. Life still flows through you. Now come with me and look at the land that lies before us. Close your eyes and tell me what you see. Fly as the hawk.

A river flows in the valley beneath wild granite peaks; I see its serpentine path from high above the clouds. A cave appears with you standing in its mouth, a hand beckons and I respond, only to fall headlong into the abyss. Is this where the transformation is to take place? Broken and disorientated I lie within the branches of the Tree. A cry for help goes up but no one answers. Suddenly a roar rises from the waters beneath me. I look down to see waves rising up and then there is darkness. My spirit wanders in the wasteland for eons. Hail to Atum-Re! May your divine light protect and nourish me during this dark time. Who am I now? My spirit is pulled towards the earth and then I become She.

I have lain a thousand years sleeping within the belly of the land, dreaming the worlds into being, watching over the destruction of many as they journeyed into the Otherworld. The great forests have been ravaged and my people vanquished. Why should I awaken once more and enter this new world? Once I did and my spirit was imprisoned within its strange landscape. Wounded by much, my sacrifice made worthless by the profane, I cannot fly as my wing is torn and my neck severed. This is what they have done to me. You know what it is that I speak of. I shall emerge from my sanctuary as you ask but only for you. No one dare ask so much save the One I serve.

Rising on the wings of your dreams traveller I face a landscape which has changed much, yet, the heartbeat that echoes throughout its majestic peaks is familiar, now lightly clothed in spring garb. Many lives have been spent toiling upon its soils. It remains wild and its ancient voices still speak to those who will care to listen. Shall I speak of that which has remained hidden for so long? Will it heal you who has journeyed to our shores?


Come closer and look into the pool. I can show you much only if you are willing to come to me, without fear, without pride, without greed.

I am fourfold in nature, air, fire, water and earth. Through four gateways shall I lead you, through four worlds shall I carry you and through four forms shall you greet Her. Close your eyes and look with that other sight, gaze upon yourself as I see you.

As Earth Dragon shall you know the value of that which is hidden in you. The ancients spoke of great riches hidden within the belly of the land, you too shall know of them. Turn your gaze inwards and look deeply into your heart – what drives you? Love of the Sun or love of the tears of the Sun? Come, join me on the journey to the centre of the spiral.

As Air Dragon shall you bring the utterings of the Sky God down to earth, take care that his breath does not consume you. Rise from your mountain lair and look to the stars. What do they tell you, spirit that is clothed in flesh?

As Fire Dragon shall you know the power of transmutation. Deep within the mountain of fire will you learn to harness the secrets of the sacred element, may you find courage, leadership and mastery. Take care that you use such knowledge with honesty and integrity.

As Water Dragon shall you dive to the deeps of your innermost self – the waters of birth and death – and retrieve the pearl of wisdom. Are you able to gaze unflinchingly at the secrets buried in that Ocean? Gather up your passion, sorrow and compassion in that sacred cup and drink deeply, for in Her vessel shall you learn to connect with the Otherworld.

There is fire in the heart of the Universe and I am at its centre. Four forms meet in one and the One becomes Nothing.

Hail to you, Re, at your rising, and to you, Atum, at your setting. You rise every day, you shine brightly every day, while you appear in glory, king of the gods. You are lord of the sky and Lord of the earth, who has created the creatures above and those below. Sole god who came into being on the first occasion, who made the land and created human beings, who made the Nun and created the Nile, who created the waters and imparted life to what is in them, who raised up the mountains and bestowed existence upon men and herds…Divine youth, heir to eternity, who engendered himself and gave birth to himself, unique one with many forms.


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