Holidays are the Best

Everything I need


Holidays are definitely marvelous and vacations are wonderful and time away to reboot, re-energize and recharge is stupendous, but nothing…nothing I tell you…absolutely nothing, beats the soul-warming embrace of friends.Β  Friends like YOU, who continue to visit even while I am not; Friends who brings smiles to my heart even if they have no idea they are doing it.Β  Friends Like YOU!

I simply had to pop by and tell you how much it means to me to see your comments and know that you are enjoying what I set up to be shared while I was/am away, so you know I am thinking about you and hoping you had and are still having a Beautiful holiday season, and most Importantly to tell you how much I appreciate YOU.


Blessings and Happiness my Dear Friends πŸ™‚
I shall return in force after the New Year.





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  1. A warm embrace from this friend to you my dear friend. Been long since I visited this place and glad to see this post, kind of gives me the license to write boldly! :). I hope you are in good health and joyous mood and that the festival season is nourishing you well. May the coming year bring peace to you Morgan.

    Miss the long written conversations, if I am allowed to express that here. :). However, it has been such a wonderful year for me because of you and people like you. Has been an overwhelming period, this past year. Especially you, because of your work here on this blog,(I am sorry, Dark Fey is pending, but, it remains on my reading list, and it is near top.) which has been so refreshing to my inner sensibilities. I want to disclose a secret here, that on a few occasions now, I have stalked your MUSIC and MUSE section, particularly, when ever I wished to get lost in some sensational music and definitive words, while being with myself. I may not have credited you then and there, but, I might as well do it here. Thank you for all that you do here!

    May you have a lovely time ahead, my dear friend.

    With all my love, here is a “Cheers”!


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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