A Heartfelt Thank You



I am truly Blessed!  Blessed with Friends who are beyond compare and ‘followers’ (though I hate that word because really, you’re ALL Friends!) that are open to all the crazy notions I have.  YOU my dear friends mean the world to me and I Appreciate So Very Much how you support me and all my ventures.

I Also want to Thank my Guest Bloggers who have been helping to ‘fill in the gaps of silence’ on the weekends so I might take time away from BooknVolume in order to continue working on Dark Fey book three. (nope, no promotion intended).  I think they have been offering a wonderful variety of inspirational and beautiful material and I certainly hope YOU feel the same and have been well entertained by the addition of their voices to BnV.

So Thank You ALL of You 🙂  I do truly appreciate YOU and even in the hush when I am away, I am mindful of how fortunate I truly am.  Blessings to you in this Beautiful Season of Joy and Light.

OH…and Thats Thank You very Much in Welsh, by the by 😉




  1. Thank YOU for the generosity I allowing me to do guest slots on your blog. Not having blogged for long I am continually delights and surprised by the kindnesses and encouragement shown by bloggers. 😏

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