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Moving to within inches of her, he glared down at her as he had done the first night they met, his lavender-ice stare piercing her as effectively as his crimson glare had done that first, fearsome night.  Spreading his wings to their fullest, he held them over her head in a threatening display and growled in answer.

“I thought you understood.  I thought you felt what I suffered and would never refuse to help those innocent ones who live under that same torment every day, but you are far too concerned with your own safety, with your own pleasure, to think of others.”  Appalled by his scathing accusation, she stared back at him mutely, openly aghast, but he did not give her time to collect her thoughts to formulate a rebuke before he continued even more impatiently.

“They are Childfey Ayla!  Babes and toddlefey who are neglected, abused, and tormented!  They suffer ALONE all the pain and anguish you felt through me.  How can you hesitate?  I thought as a Guardian you were dedicated to protecting the innocent. That is why I came to you.  I thought asking for your help would be uncomplicated, but you seem to make everything complicated.”  Tears rimmed in her amber eyes in spite of her anger, though her emotion was not instigated by his caustic reprimand or as a result of him forcing the memories of his own Integration upon her again.  He did not have to; she remembered the horrors of his past well enough.


A snippet from Dark Fey: Standing In Shadows.  Gairynzvl understands only too well the traumatic and harrowing treatment suffered by childfey who are abducted by The Reviled.  His only wish is to rescue them, as many as he can, but he cannot succeed on his own.


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