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When Longing Keeps my eyes Awake by Night,
And Yearning Makes sleep false By Blushing Day,
What Else Might I Enact that Might Seem Right,
To Subsist Through Aching Hours, But to Pray?
What Heavy Moments Cheating me of Rest!
What Tiring Instance Slumbers with Brazen Time,
To Conspire with this Pining in my Breast,
And, Discordant, makes the clock’s Jubilant Chime.
While All Else Sleep, Gaze I, Sullen, at the Moon,
My Dreams Perplexed by Hunger, Never Tiring,
Wondering if Time shall ever Meet Love’s Swoon?
To Eros’s Passion Our Flesh Ever Aspiring?
This Single Question Keeps my Body Waking,
This Contemplation, Ever, My Heart Breaking.


Beautiful Image found on Google Image Search, original Artist Unknown