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Whisper-Sonnet XXI


Whisper, Dearest, in the Sparkling Night,
Like Satin Song, Entice my Heart,
In Softest Tone Make this Dimness Bright
Where Shadows, Glimmering, Stand Apart.
Whisper, Love, In Starlight Glowing,
A Song of Enchantment to my Soul,
Like Breath of Heaven, Sweetly Flowing,
Making this Deep Ocean Shoal.
Whisper, Beloved, a Sanctified Treasure,
Where Touching Hearts Sing in Brazen Tone,
Lullaby of Blessed Measure,
Sing and Claim me for Your Own.
Whisper, O my Sweetest One,
Until Life is O’er and Eternity Done.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Gary Benfield