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It seems it was not all that long ago I was posting Dark Fey out in pieces as part of my Friday Fantasy posts, testing the waters, as it were and gaining valuable feedback about the story, the characters and the realm of Jyndari.   Now, a mere three years later, Dark Fey is a published series with plentiful 4 and 5 star reviews, as well as industry awards to its merit.

I could tell you all about how wonderful the story is, but I am admittedly biased, so here are a few other opinions from readers, reviewers and other authors.

Dark Fey The Reviled:

“For fantasy and fey fans, The Reviled has absolutely everything you could want in an epic fantasy adventure….Jyndari is an exotic world with deep detailing and a delicate balance between dark and light. The emotional spectrum of Ayla’s journey is rich and harrowing, taking us into the deepest corners of her incredible mind as she senses the dark fey lurking at every turn. The mystery of what he wants from her is well spun out to an exciting and satisfying conclusion. Overall, I’d highly recommend The Reviled to fans of young adult fantasy and fey stories.”  5 stars! Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

“This was not my normal genre (fantasy) to read but, WOW! It took me two chapters to get into it, but once I did, I was fixated on the story line and the characters….. I can only liken it to a fantasy version of a play by Shakespeare!” – 4 Stars Author Anthony Mays

“Cynthia Morgan’s beautifully descriptive prose and strong characterization instantly transported me to the mystical realm of Jyndari, a place of spiritual beauty, magic and light. ….. The author’s ability to engage the reader in the characters’ emotional and physical traumas enchanted and captivated me. I love these Feys and their Realms of Light and Darkness and I cannot wait to travel back there in Book 2.” – 5 Stars – Author Leo Kane

“The strongest part of this book is the beautiful lyrical language, detailed imagery, and descriptions of a fantasy world with a rich history and fleshed out cultural tradition. … for readers who love to immerse themselves in a story and characters, it will fit the bill….This story pits good against evil, but more than that, it’s a tale of hope, fidelity and forgiveness, love and redemption.”  4 Stars Author D. Wallace Peach

Dark Fey Standing In Shadows 

“Once again Cynthia Morgan’s prose takes on an almost poetic flow as the world of Jyndari spills out before her audience, and this time the stakes feel even higher than before. With time to really develop the three central characters during this second novel, I felt even more invested in the emotional ties they share and the duty to The Light which they feel. Whilst the torturous treatment of the Childfey is an upsetting subject, it is handled gracefully without the need for graphic reference, and it brings a new gravitas and danger to the plot that further enhances the sense of tension and adventure. Standing in Shadows is a superb continuation in the Dark Fey series.” –  5 stars! Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

“Dark Fey: Standing in the Shadows” is a moral tale that encompasses romance, action, and drama. The author offers highly imaginative, richly detailed settings in both Uunglarda, the dark world inhabited by the Reviled (a grotesque, loveless race), and Jyndari, the world of the Fey of Light (beings of light and love).” – 4 Stars – Author Robin Gregory

“Several times while reading I had to pause just to admire the work gone into creating the way the fey spoke and the language they used….The series is going from strength to strength and I would definitely recommend this one to fey lovers.
8 out of 10”  – Brienne Dubh Escapology Reviews


Though it is not my intention to blow my own horn, I do hope the thoughts of fellow readers may be of interest to you, especially if you are contemplating reading for yourself.  Thank You for blessing me with your indulgence!