In The Wake of Death – #BookReview



In The Wake Of Death  by Billy McLaughlin

“This book does have a fantastically unexpected twist that left me breathless!” – Emma Mitchell, The Little Book Worm. 

Sometimes waking up is only the beginning…

He was left for dead on the side of the road. Now Marc Adams is awake and he can barely remember anything about his life before. All he knows is that his meddling sister has returned to his life, whilst his partner Joel is gone.

Marc is convinced that something has happened to Joel. Why won’t anybody believe him?
As he is pulled further into the pit of his subconscious, Marc begins to remember exactly what happened on the night of his accident.

Soon, he’ll be wishing he hadn’t woken up at all.




Chilling.  If I had to describe this marvelous thriller in only one word, this is the one I would choose.  From the exceptionally descriptive language that draws the reader directly into the scene to the perspective of the powerfully emotive protagonist, the unknowns of the story as well as the twists the author introduces again and again brings the reader directly into the disorientation of his main character.
No spoilers here, not from this reviewer, but the direction in which my thoughts were leading me were utterly upended and left me in a frenzy of “OH I never saw that coming!” splendour.   This is such a masterfully crafted thriller, or one might say psychological thriller, or perhaps romance, or mystery or suspense drama, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel the catapult send them tumbling!

Bravo Mr. McLaughlin!



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