Those We Do Not Speak Of – What is the Essence? – #Spirituality and #Afterlife

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Before continuing on, I should like to say that I am delighted you are as interested as I am about this subject and are willing to share this journey with me and others, who, like you, are also curious. As we travel along, I will ask many questions; any and all of which you are free to comment on (and I hope you will) or even take that particular question and write your own post or poem with your thoughts and ideas about it.  If you do, I would love if you might link back to the original post so we are all able to stay connected, but I feel this is a wonderful way to expand the conversation.  I am looking forward to our discussions and hope you will continue to find Those We Do Not Speak Of compelling.

Now, let’s take a moment to talk about What is The Essence….

When we establish what it is we are Able to Believe, we are free to move forward to explore the realm of Those We Do Not Speak Of more extensively.  Assuming we are Able to Believe that something happens after we pass through death; that another plane of existence does exist, it is equally as important to determine what it is that passes over into that new Life. Is it a Ghost? A Spirit? Our immortal Soul? Our Katra?  As before, I do not Believe it matters what name we choose to call that which passes over, although I will tend to use Essence because I Believe It embodies all we are, hope for, and dream of; but what matters is:  are we Able to Believe it leaves our physical body and moves onward, journeying to another place; perhaps another time?  Does our Essence find that place we call by other, less important names:  Elysium, Heaven, Nirvana; a place where the limitations of our physical manifestation are stripped away; where we are freed from those confines and are able to exist entirely as energy?  (If the Essence is unable to pass into that new realm, or chooses not to, will be explored in a future post.)

What type of Energy we ultimately become we do not need to debate.  The specifics will only bog us down and create boundaries and, once we cross over into that new realm, I Believe boundaries are eliminated.  It should be sufficient to say that we become a form of Energy that is as close to perfect as possible.  In that place of Perfection, we are finally able to Be everything we now are not; all we presently long to be, strife for, and hope to achieve. How and Why are more interesting questions.  Is it because all those things for which we strive are driven from an internal desire to Be (to coin the phrase) All we Can Be.  Is it our Essence that Inspires us to strive for Perfection because It is perfect?  Does the Essence of who we are act as our guide, quietly whispering truth, whether or not we choose to listen?  And if it does, is it this inner voice; this inner understanding of everything we cannot presently comprehend in our present state of limitation, which compels us to Ask those questions to which there are no “rational” answers?

We, then, are beings of Energy. The physical existence is fleeting, yet who and what we are remains and, when we shuffle off this mortal coil, our Essence returns to that eternal realm, but do we remain there, abiding in endless joy and light or do we merely rest and renew; then return to this plane of existence once again?  This cycle has names, of course, because we, in our limited state of being, need to name things in order to define them.  Reincarnation. Rebirth. Bhava, but as we already understand, the name is not important or even If it actually occurs; what we shall consider is:  if our perfected Essence is, indeed, Immortal, does it remain in that place Beyond or is it able to return to this plane?  If it is Able, what are the manifestations it is Able to take?  Do we return to this life again in the physical form or are we able to cross the divide and return to the physical world as Perfected Energy?

My mind cannot comprehend what Perfected Energy might be, but I am Able to Believe it exists.  However, as I am incapable of understanding what Perfected Energy is or how my limited five senses might perceive it, how will I know when I experience it? How will my mind comprehend something I cannot conceive?  Will my eyes witness something inexplicable?  A light anomaly or a wisp of smoke where none should be?  Can my ears hear a sound in an otherwise silent room or, perhaps, a voice where no speaker is visibly present?  Am I able to feel the touch of Perfected Energy if it chooses to reach out to me or smell a familiar scent I had forgotten in its absence?  In a state of Perfection, how does the Essence of what made us who we are Communicate with we who are imperfect?

If we look beyond our fears; if we open our minds to the Possibility of something reaching out from Beyond, then perhaps we may begin to Experience those mysteries, which I Believe are all around us.  Perhaps, if we step past our limitations by choosing to Believe, we also step closer, if only infinitesimally, to Perfection, which, in turn, opens our perception and our understanding to those things we cannot comprehend when we are closed.  Once we take that small step forward by defining what we are Able to Believe and Able to Perceive; are we, then, Able to Experience? If we are, what shall we Experience?

Communication with Those We Do Not Speak Of, which we shall explore further next time.








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  1. Worth thinking about. I think of our unseen essence as our spirit or soul, although of course our physical selves couldn’t experience what our unseen essence might experience. I would think it would be peace and a sense of completeness, and although it is possible to experience that in the physical realm, it would be free from physical considerations and conflicts we have as humans.

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    1. You are entirely correct Michelle…at least, I think 😉 Im delighted you are finding the series compelling. Thank you for continuing to read along AND joining the discussion 🙂


  2. “once we cross over into that new realm, I Believe boundaries are eliminated.” I believe not only physical boundaries are eliminated, but thought boundaries are as well. Once we are in that new realm, we will be able to “know” each other wholly and completely, that kind of “I see you” shown in Avatar, yet exponentially beyond that.

    I believe we’ll be able to do that in an environment of no fear or worry, no anger or hate, just absolute unconditional love.


    1. That would be an amazing ability indeed. Probably correct, if you Believe Agape Love exists…which of course, I do 🙂 Thank You Susan for reading and sharing your thoughts, for joining the conversation, and adding your insights to our Understanding 🙂


  3. So deep and interesting! We each have a spirit I think, and we live in the outer shells of our bodies. It’s been described as living in a tent. And when the body dies we live on someplace else. As I was reading this, I was also thinking of the mystics of old that often had visions. Perhaps they saw into this spiritual world.


    1. I am certain they did…and do. I am so glad you are enjoying this mini-series and hope you will continue to share your thoughts on the few remaining posts coming. Thank You Nico.

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  4. Ha – I am just realizing that since I was so seriously behind in my blog reading I am reading all your posts of this nature backwards. That said my previous comments on later posts probably did not make a lick of sense or relate to what you are saying. Forgive me.


    1. It’s alright, DiAnne, (By the way I love the spelling of your name) I realized after I set up the posts that I probably should have numbered them somehow. (sorry)


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