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Words and Imagery, voices shouting, metal skirling upon metal, screams of fear and viperous hissing filled my thoughts this morning amid my morning walk.  No, I was not exercising in the midst of an active war zone, but as Within Temptation rang within my headphones, a pinnacle scene I have been struggling with for nearly two weeks, trying to sort it out, came to fruition in my thoughts.  An hour and nearly 4 miles later, I found myself rushing homeward, the battle raging in my imagination; begging me to wait no longer, compelling me to spend the hours of my day entrenched with them, delivering childfey out of harm, exposing hidden truths, and honouring my warriors with an action scene unlike any I’ve written before…

Thus, as the hours unwind, you will not find me here, but secreted away, fulfilling my obligation.

The story awaits, and is waiting for you as well.  All Weekend, Dark Fey:  The Reviled, book one of the Dark Fey Trilogy is on SALE.

NOW ONLY 99Cents!
“For fantasy and fey fans, The Reviled has absolutely everything you could want in an epic fantasy adventure….I’d highly recommend The Reviled”- 5 stars! Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite
“DARK FEY will take you on a roller coaster ride into two separate worlds – the one of the Light Loving Fey (fairy) and the other of the Reviled Fey or the dark world.” – Michelle James – BookChat
I was pulled along with the characters in every emotional direction they went. I’m not a massive fan of the Tinkerbelle type fairy as I do love stories that have a darker edge to them but his book managed to give the reader both sides and balanced them beautifully. It is not only about light and dark but truth and acceptance, forgiveness and loyalty, love and pain.” – Brienne, Escapology Reviews
Dark Fey left me breathless. There is mystery in every page. As I made my way through the story, I discovered heightened sensitivities to empathy and intuition I often take for granted. The story speaks to the soul. It takes us on a thrilling adventure into life, love, and the invisible wonders that surround us.” – Author 
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