#FridayFantasy – Award Winning Fantasy


Yes, just a bit of Bold Promotion for my series Dark Fey.  Thank you for your kind Indulgence 🙂
Only 3 years ago, this book was not even completed.  Now, it is supported by an industry leading publisher (Creativia), has been awarded 5-Star reviews by Readers Favorite and, most recently, the New Apple Award for Excellence in Fantasy.
There’s no better time to grab yourself a copy and discover the Realm of Jyndari for yourself.
NOW ONLY 99Cents!
“For fantasy and fey fans, The Reviled has absolutely everything you could want in an epic fantasy adventure….I’d highly recommend The Reviled”- 5 stars! Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite
“I picked up the Reviled not knowing what to expect. When I got into reading it, I was immediately blown away.” – 5-stars! Reviewed Richard Valecik – Author
“A lovely tale of the resilience of human nature and the healing power of love, compassion and forgiveness.” – 5-stars! Reviewed by Diana J Febry- Author
Know someone who enjoys Fantasy? Kind reblogs and shares are Appreciated with Heartfelt Gratitude.  Thank You~


    1. 🙂 I am honoured. Thank You ever so much. (side not, I am in the midst of a revision of The Reviled. The story isn’t changing, but I am adding a preface which it currently doesn’t have to help better explain the culture of the fey, the writing style in regard to Capitalization, etc. if you feel inclined to read it, I would be happy to send it to you)

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