Inward Space – #FlashFiction- #FFfAW



The space was small, yet vast.  A corridor into the unknown; a portal into possibility and he gazed through the confusing labyrinth, contemplating his choice.  Inward or outward; up or down, the avenue toward what he sought yawned before him, perilous and strange, yet beguilingly inviting.

He had waited many long days for that moment.  The anticipation of opportunity thrilled through him with revitalizing electricity.  No longer would he be trapped in the mundane halls of this reality; a new realm waited, he only needed to choose.  Inward or outward; up or down?

Each prospect enticed him with a hint of mystery or the lush scent of the obscure, but he could only make one selection and, at last, he smiled.  His direction was clear.  He chose the realm where endless variety and challenge piqued his curiosity, inviting the vanguard of intrepidity.

Inward, into the undiscovered country of himself.


150 Words

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, a Writing Prompt blog that supplies a photo prompt once each week to Inspire, Challenge and Share the joy of the written word.






Photograph by Joy Pixley



32 thoughts on “Inward Space – #FlashFiction- #FFfAW

    1. I didn’t notice the hesitation in the words until you mentioned it, but its amazing it came across that way (even unintentionally) 🙂 Thanks ever so much for stopping by..Im so glad you enjoyed my spin on the prompt 🙂

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      1. The best parts of writing are often subconscious. We tend to formulate the storyline as we go. I find I didn’t it more than I think. When I write settings, I’m constantly amazed how is comes out without trying

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    1. Thanks Joy 🙂 Ive been delving into Flash Fiction just recently and found FFfAW just this week 🙂 its nice to be welcomed so kindly and Im delighted you enjoyed my take on the prompt 😉

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    1. Thank You Joy 🙂 Im delighted to have found you(r group) and look forward to challenging myself each week. Im so happy you liked where the prompt led me …I was as well 🙂 Thanks Ever So~


  1. I love the descriptive style of your writing. Your story also flows so beautifully as he considers the possible choices – which lead us to his reasoned decision and that excellent last line. A great read, Morgan.

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