The Meaning Behind The Fantasy



Many have asked me to explain to them what Dark Fey is about and how it was inspired.  The original inspiration for the story came to me through a vivid dream, which I could not stop thinking about days afterward.  As I thought about it, the characters stepped out of the shadows of the dream and demanded my full attention, so I finally sat down and wrote out the entire scene as I saw it in my mind, which is now Chapter Six of The Reviled.(which you can preview in its entirety here)

The story of Dark Fey is set in a Fantasy Realm of my own creation, but the message is relative to our own reality.  That The Power of Hope, Acceptance and Forgiveness can change the world, if you take Positive Action to Create Change through doing what is Right.  Or you might say:  The only way to achieve Peace is to become Peace.  This message came partially as a result of learning about the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) in Uganda, where militant rebels have been abducting children for over 20 years, integrating them into their army through abuse and cruelty, and forcing them to endure lives of violence.  I was moved to my very spirit by such a horrifying truth and chose this medium to share a similar story. However, unlike our own reality where this atrocity continues even today, the Fey of Jyndari choose to change their world by taking Positive Action through Sacrifice, Acceptance and Forgiveness.

The “Brutally Beautiful” story is nail-biting and suspenseful; lush and lyrical; spiritual, yet powerfully relevant.  Beneath the drama; behind the romance; and perhaps in spite of the darkness it contains, Dark Fey shares a message of Hope for the seemingly hopeless.

It is my Hope to be able to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Dark Fey to UNICEF’s work in Uganda where they actively rehabilitate the children affected by the LRA.

.I hope this may convey some insight to the story for any who many be curious.





Brutally Beautiful Review by Author Adri Sinclair




    1. 🙂 It still amazes me 🙂 Every time I think Im not sure where the story is going or how Im going to get it where I know it needs to go, it seems to Lead Me. Might sound peculiar, but I think the story is already written, Im just transcribing it 😉


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