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A Beautiful Review of Dark Fey The Reviled …Just in time for FridayFantasy 🙂
” The Reviled is a beautifully written tale wrought with magic, intrigue, and danger. Cynthia A. Morgan adopts a wonderfully descriptive tone leaving lasting impressions of all she describes. She creates an imaginative world complete with lore, beautiful scenes, and interesting characters all enhanced by a well-developed plot. As the first book in a trilogy it also serves to set a scene for the next book, which promised to be every bit as gripping as this one.”….Read the entire review at K.J Simmill’s blog.

Thank You K.J 🙂

K.J's Athenaeum

The Reviled (Dark Fey Book 1) by Cynthia A. Morgan is a beautifully written fantasy novel.

Ayla knows all the stories of The Reviled, the Dark Ones. She was raised in the temples due to her own unique capabilities 51m77rurhdland spent years learning all there was to know about these Dark Fey. They are terrifying creatures, the darkness to their light. Hiding in the shadows, stealing childfey and forcing them through the transformation into one of their own kind. Then one fateful day she feels a presence, a figure cloaked in the shadows watching her through the darkness. She believes him to be one of the Reviled, but her fleeting impressions from him intrigue her. She knows to reveal her suspicions would see her returned to the temples and losing the freedom she had waiting so long to obtain. But her stalker is relentless, his presence encroaching more and more…

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