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This Weekend’s Author spotlight is on Enesha Bennet author of the YA/Fantasy novel, Secrets of the mind and also the children’s book author of My little brother which features her own children.

E.J Bennett is a stay at home mom of two young children, a girl age 5 and a boy age 2. Due to her little boy been born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, E. J found that she has no time for a full time job.  She wanted to do more with her life than be a stay at home parent so she wrote her first children’s book My little brother to help other children and families who are expecting or have a baby born with a cleft lip.   E.J then went on to write her first YA/Fantasy novel, Secrets of the mind.

Hello EJ!  Booknvolume is happy you stopped by for a natter.  Can you tell us about your books?  
The first book I wrote and published is a children’s book which is called My Little Brother. I wrote my little brother through the eyes of my daughter to help children gain a better understanding about children born with cleft lips and palates. Although cleft lip and palates are one of the most common birth defects little is known about the condition.

I went on to write two more children’s books The Seasonal Fairies. My daughter has a big love of fairies which sparked my idea.  I then went on to write my first YA/Fantasy book Secrets of the mind. This is about a teenager who is plagued with nightmares of men with haunting red eyes. The novel has many twists and turns.


What Inspired you to write your book?
I love to read. I have had a love of books from a young age. Ideas for stories seem to be constantly floating around my head. One day I decided to put my story to paper.

From what Point of View do you prefer to write? Is there a reason?
I like to write in first tense.  I guess the reason is while I am writing I like to pretend I am the character which gives me a better focus to write and explain what my characters are feeling at the time.

How would you describe your “Voice” or Style of writing?
My writing style is like a paint brush that clearly paints an image. The thoughts, feelings and metaphors I use are like colors to create each scene, making them different and stand out in their own right.

What genre do you prefer to write or are you truly eclectic?
I like to write Fantasy and Paranormal.  As a teenager I loved shows like charmed, Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel. So my writing generally reflects on what I like to read and watch.

Do you painstakingly plot out your story; are you a discovery writer or a bit of both? Why?
I just let the words flow, then when I get to around chapter 3-4 I think oh I forgot to plot. I then plot and plan out my story but my characters always have other ideas and take me in new exciting directions.

Do you have a favourite or least favourite character? And Why?
I don’t think I have a favourite or least favourite at this time. With this been the first in my series I may think differently has the characters progress.

Can you Share an insight or secret about your books?
My book was originally around 600 pages long and after a discussion with my editor we got it to 274 pages the rest of the pages that we had taken out have been turned into 1.5 which is called Inner secrets and looks at the story from the other characters points of views and also reveals some secrets.

What do you feel is your best advice to share with other aspiring authors?
The advice I would give to other aspiring authors would be to join facebook groups for supporting authors. I have met many talented authors who are always ready to give you a helping hand or that little kick or inspiration you need.

I would also advice to keep writing, some days you will feel your writing is rubbish. Writing rubbish is better than not writing at all and that rubbish may become a vital part of your story if not it can be weaned out or created into something imaginative when it comes to rewrites.

GREAT Advice   🙂  Now we’ve come to the more difficult part,  Lets talk about YOU.  


If you had to describe yourself to someone who has never met you, what might you say?
I can be really shy and at times I am not a confident person at all. Once I get to know someone a little then that all changes.

If you could meet one person from the past, who might it be and why?
I don’t know who I would meet from the past. Something I have never thought about.

When you are NOT writing, what is your favourite pastime?
I don’t get much spare time with two young children and a dog that wants to eat the postman and also daily hospital appointments, but when I do I like to read or write.

Describe Your Dream Getaway Destination.  Have you ever been there?  What makes this place Irresistible to you?
I would love to go to Disney land in Florida I am a big kid who wants to meet the Disney princess and watch the fire work display.

Do you have a Mantra?
My Mantra is to live everyday to the fullest you never know what life has to throw at you or what is around the corner, make everyday count.  Follow your heart and dreams no matter how impossible they may seem. Let your heart and dreams take you where you need to be I believe the darkest night produces the brightest stars and that are hopes and dreams are the brightest stars the darkest night is our regrets and failures. We can only learn from our regrets and failures and move on to the bright stars.

Thats so beautiful!  What about a “Charity” or “Cause” you feel passionately about & Why?
The charity I feel passionately about is CLAPA which is Cleft lip and palate association. The cleft lip and palate team have been amazing with my son, always on call day and night. They would answer any question no matter how silly it seemed. The cleft lip and palate team offered me help when no one else would; they gave me great advice and encouragement.

The charity have funded both my sons operations which were in the thousands for each and will be funding his further operations which at the moment he is looking at around three more and maybe more later on in life.

You can find EJ at the following places round the web:
Author page-
YouTube book trailer-
Amazon author central-
Book Link-

Thank You so much EJ for taking time out of you very busy schedule to chat with us. Im so glad we could share your Inspiring story 🙂



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