#FridayFantasy – A Forceful Healer – #FreeTeaser

Braying Caverns


…..“The Reviled are tracking us; they are within the cavern and closing in.  We cannot delay!” At hearing his warning, the golden-haired Fey glanced over his shoulder with noticeable trepidation, leaning closer to gather Gairynzvl more securely in his arms.  With the Healer’s strong supportive embrace he finally found his feet, although he stood for a moment, collecting his senses.  Before he could stagger onward, Evondair bid him to wait while he rummaged through the pack he carried between his nebulous wings, seeking his allotment of Quiroth, which he had not yet utilized.

“Drink this.” Handing the small bottle forward to Gairynzvl, who stood staring blankly into the distance in a muddled haze, he placed the bottle in his hand, waited; then physically lifted it to his mouth.

“It will strengthen you.  Drink!”  Again the Healer spoke with a surprisingly forceful tone and Gairynzvl shook himself at last, grasped the bottle more firmly and tilted it hastily over his lips.  He remembered the foul tang of the amber liquid from the last time he had been required to drink it and his reaction to the strong, earthy flavor and pungent aroma was the same.  Turning his head abruptly, he could not force himself to not spit it out; groaning in disgust and shuddering with revulsion at its taste, but the Healer would not be eluded so easily.  Leaning close another time, he spoke with an unmistakably threatening tone.

“It is good that the darkness is blinding; if Mardan could see, he would be only too happy to restrain you while I force you to drink.”  Twisting to gaze backward at the Healer with astonishment, Gairynzvl scoffed, then shook his head when he neither moved away nor said anything further, demonstrating his intractable intentions through the silence of his piercing viridian stare alone.  Raising the bottle to his mouth begrudgingly, Gairynzvl frowned ferociously at it, tilted his head back and drank its contents in one draught, hissing with loathing at the empty container before he handed it abruptly back to Evondair.

“You will thank me for this.” ….

A Snippet taken from Dark Fey:  Standing In Shadows



Find Dark Fey:  Standing In Shadows (book two of the Dark Fey Trilogy) via Amazon here:  https://www.amazon.com/Standing-Shadows-Dark-Fey-Book-ebook/dp/B018HF4HSA

Find Dark Fey: The Reviled (Book one of the Dark Fey Trilogy) via Amazon here:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RZMVNQQ



Beautiful Original Artwork by: BruinWinters on DeviantArt



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