#CharacterInteractions – Maca of Don – Part One

Maca 1


“It was kind of ye to invite me to your pleasant study”.

Would you introduce yourself, please?

“I am Llewellyn, Maca of Don, but on your Earth I am Zebediah L. MacDonald. I took that name as MacDonald was as close to Maca as I dared come and to many of ye, I sound like someone from Scotland. Of course, any Scotsman would ken I was nay from there.”

How did you first come to Earth?

“The Justines meant to isolate me for existing. My Mither, LouElla, the greatest Warrior to ever grace Thalia, had bedded with a Justine to escape their clutches.”

You mean they had her imprisoned”

“Aye, after the Justine War they imprisoned her on an asteroid with an elderly Justine and Kreppie guards. She used her wiles and the Justine bedded her, taught her about their spaceship, the Golden One, and then he drank the Justine nectar to better enjoy their coupling. He twas elderly, and it weakened him. She broke his neck when he climaxed. She then killed the Kreppies and escaped into space only to learn she was pregnant with me. It tis how I possess the two hearts of the Justines and their mind abilities. It also means I will live for one or six thousand years, mayhap longer.”

“Your mother killed your father?”

“She had to do so to escape. It was the only way. Somehow she birthed me while alone and learned to operate the Golden One among the stars. When I was between one and two years of age, she used the Kreppie, ship inside the hold and took me and a crystal explaining what she was doing to her Director of Home with instructions to give me to Lamar, her sib.”

“By sib, do you mean brother?”

“Aye, that would be your Earth word for sibling. He raised me till the Justines discovered my two hearts. I thought that I would be the loneliest of men on your violent planet, but I discovered true friendship and a true love. My Anna was the Warrior woman that all Thalians desire as a counselor.”

“I presume counselor means wife. Perhaps you would like to explain how you met and how you explained your two hearts, or did she ever know?”

“I rescued Anna from a Comanche camp while I was a Scout for the Second Dragoons. My friend, Rolfe, had taught me how to read sign while we were fur traders. She had downed two of their warriors when her home was raided. She continued to fight them even when they cut off the tips of her little fingers to show her loss of her two sons and cut off her ears because she did nay listen. In answer to your other question, she did discover my two hearts.

“I had courted her for one year, obeying all the rules of your 1850’s ere she accepted me. I had hugged her too tightly. She did nay speak to me the entire trip back to her brither’s home. This will help explain, although my Thalian accent will be quite strong.”

By the end of the three hour drive, MacDonald was clenching and unclenching his teeth. His futile attempts to speak, to apologize, or explain had been rebuffed; sometimes with words, but mostly silence.

At the back of the general store, MacDonald pulled up with a, “Hello the house.” Before he could leave the buggy and tie off the reins, Anna was up the steps and at the door. She turned before entering the kitchen to face him.

“Mr. MacDonald, I cannot marry you. You lied to me. All of it was lies!” She clamped her lips together and dashed into the house banging the door behind her.

For a moment MacDonald could not move. Then he mounted the steps and raised his fist to pound on the door. To his surprise, Anna, shawl in hand, opened it.

“I have the right to ken why ye think I lied.” He was roaring. His voice filled the house and the outside world.

“Really, Mr. MacDonald, I should not need to explain.” Anger rolled through her words.

Kasper’s dark head appeared in the hall doorway. Gerde was looking at them, her eyes wide.

“Ye owe me that much. I have nay kenning of what ye mean.” He had managed to get control over his voice and it was back to a deep rumble.

“That cannot be true, Mr. MacDonald.” Anna’s teeth were almost clenched in her anger.

“Then tell me.”

“I cannot in front of other people. It might put you in danger.”

“Then put on yere wrap and we twill talk out here. There tis light enough for them to see us. I have pledged ye my troth, my heart, and my House. It binds me to ye. If ye continue to refuse me, everything that I have here tis yeres and I twill go elsewhere.”

A solemn Anna regarded him. “I cannot take what is yours. You cannot be serious.” She hesitated, knowing full well he was serious.

“Very well, Mr. MacDonald, we will talk outside.”

She turned towards Kasper and Gerde. “I will return soon. He will not do anything in full view of everyone.” Her comments left the couple puzzled. They could not conceive that gentle giant hurting anyone.

Anna swung the shawl over her shoulders and stepped outside. Twilight was beginning to throw a grey mantle around the world and the sun was slowly leaving the sky. She held her head high and her shoulders straight.

“We will go over by the cottonwood. If you start to yell again, everyone will hear you.” She did not wait for him to grasp her arm, but marched down the three steps.

He was beside her within seconds, his long legs easily keeping pace with hers.

She stopped by the tree and looked up at him. Her grey eyes were calm, her face betrayed nothing.

“When did I lie to ye?”

“The lie was the reason you gave for not having children. I knew when you hugged me in the kitchen. I heard your two hearts. I will not marry another man with two hearts. One who says there will be no children and when there are children the man hates us and tries to kill us.” Determination was in her voice and brightening her eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me the truth?” The last words were hurled at him.

For a moment MacDonald stared at her, his mouth open, until he remembered to draw in a breath and speak. To Anna’s surprise, his voice was a low, awed whisper.

“Yere Thomas Lawrence had two hearts? Dear Gar, woman, ye twere married to Toma.”

“I was married to Mr. Thomas Lawrence.”

“If he had red hair and copper colored eyes with gold rings around the pupils, his name tis Toma.”  His voice was back to normal.

Anna’s lashes blinked over the grey eyes, and she drew in a deep breath. “What else is a lie?  Have you told me your real name?”

He hesitated. “I have nay. Like Toma, I was hiding my true identity for my name makes nay sense in this world. I am Llewellyn, Maca of Don.” He gave a slight bow.

“This world?  Don’t you mean country? Where are you two from?”

Bitterness was in his voice as MacDonald explained. “He tis a Justine from the planet Justine.”

“That is nonsense.”

He continued. “My fither twas a Justine and my mither a Thalian from the planet Thalia. The Justine on the ship I came in planned to abandon me here on Earth, but his plans went awry. While we searched for Toma, the inhabitants of this planet killed him. I twas left in control of the ship. I can take ye to it and prove everything I have said.”

Anna was shaking her head. “Mr. MacDonald, that is worse than a fairy tale.”

“Does it sound so foolish if I tell ye that in addition to his two hearts, yere husband could control certain people with his mind or that he had the ability to go into other people’s minds and know what they were thinking?”

The anger left Anna’s face and she was silent for a moment. “He tried to go into my mind, and I wouldn’t let him,” she whispered.

“How did you know?” Her voice was strong again on the last phrase.

“I told ye. He tis a Justine, and ye are one of those that he could nay control. Why did ye go to Texas with him if ye kenned what he could do?”


. Written entirely by Marilyn Collier for Character Interview/Interactions.  Please be sure to stop back for Part Two, posting tomorrow 😉




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