The River of Time

The River of Time


Silence comes in Shadows and Rocky Pools

Where Light Reflects the Glimmering facets

Of Hope and Faith,

Courage Shimmering on the surface of the waters,

Even beneath the canopy of Overhanging fear;

Ever Shifting,

Ever Rushing onward

In the ‘plash of the River of Time.


Beautiful photograph found at: hqwide.come


    1. Thank You ever so much Phil 🙂 In this case it was choosing, as it is in most cases. I do often take more time to find the image I prefer than in writing the verse for it, although sometimes it works in the opposite direction and I am blessed with a flash of Inspiration upon seeing some marvelous image. I notice you do not use any…is this so your words stand alone ?

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      1. I can’t say I have any eye for matching them up well. I’m deficient in that particular skill. And, yes, I like to have the words paint the image and let someone’s mind run with it!

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