Here In My Mind?



Unexpectedly, her mind filled with a low, drawn out whisper; the deep baritone of the speaker frighteningly familiar and she gasped again, louder than before.

It was him.

“Oh, not now!”  She cried out into the hush of her small home, but the persistent answer came back all too quickly.

“Now, Ayla.”  The whisper was so close, the thought piercing her mind as if he stood mere inches away from her and she swayed under the potency of his presence, her lashes fluttering.

“Where?”  She thought, seeking him, but not finding him.  How could he be so close and, still, not be inside the cottage?  He was closer than ever before.  Once again, his reply to her question was instantaneous.

“Here.”  His deep voice echoed in her mind, but she opened her eyes just the same, searching her parlor, expecting to see him at last; but her two-dimensional thinking brought insidious laughter to the edges of her consciousness and she shook her head at her own folly.  Fool!  She thought, admonishing her own simplicity.

“Here inside my mind?”  She inquired, almost in disbelief and once more the answer came back to her so quickly it seemed he was capable of reading her thoughts before she could even think them.


~An Excerpt from Dark Fey: The Reviled~

Entire Chapter available for sample –

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