Treasure – Sonnet I

Treasure-Sonnet I


Speak not to me in Glimmering Shades of Night,
When Night is Pale and Dims the Candle’s Glow,
But Walk with me in Bounteous Joy of Light,
Where Better This Fair Love to Mark and Show.

Touch not my Lips with Your most Beautiful Kiss,
When Jocund Day strides, waking, ‘cross the land,
But in the Calm of Evening before my Heart can Miss
The Gentle Touch of Your Desire and Your Hands.
While Singing Greets the Lavish Mornings Shimmer,
And Confusion in my mind Begins its wail,
Take my Love’s Possession, As Treasure’s Glimmer,
Where All Treasure by comparison does Pale.
For when Sweet Love in Union Binds Our Bliss,
All Other mortal Treasure Falls Amiss.

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Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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