Wordless Wednesday (Almost) – Soul Soothing


Soft the Light that Transcends the Soul
Eager in her Delicate Touch to Caress
Drawing Sighs from Deep Within


Blissful Stillness that Soothes the Spirit
Bountiful in his Allure and Captivating Embrace
Sending Shivers through and through

Quiet 10

Lustrous Enigmatic Beauty
Reveling in the lassitude Below
Shimmering her Silver Smile Generously

Quiet 9

Restful Breathless Hush
Stillness Deep and Sweetly Pure
Calling Gently, More More!


Peace Unfolding Day by Day
Whispering Softly
“Hear what I say.”






Beautiful Photography found in various places round the web. ย Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Amazing Original Photographers. ย Thank You!


  1. Wow.. Every picture and every word for every picture could speak to me. You have an art of bringing near exact words for what you see. I think, that’s such a big reason why I love what you write!

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    1. Thank You (no really!) Ever So, Sandeep. I was suddenly Inspired and put this together as a spur of the moment post, thus it means even more to me to hear you say that. I am truly Blessed By and With words, there is no doubt, but equally so when others find Pleasure in the same.

      Wouldn’t it be a wonderful exercise of Inspiration to take the same image (or images) and write a verse for them, each of us, to see where Inspiration leads us? ???

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      1. Hmmm.. When I see such scenery, I fail to draw words and whatever words I draw I see that I can’t justify my feelings with them and so I have stopped caring to put them in words and remain with the picture. But, when I read what you wrote, I felt you were close to what I felt about the picture. May be, there was a significant taste, at least.

        I may attempt in my un-poetic manner, where to find just a few words could be difficult. I am a man of many words!! ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. I was proceeding from the assumption that all feel as I do and through my zeal I was not thinking broadly enough. I am sorry. I understand, of course, and am very happy to think you might have described your feelings similarly to how I described mine.
        Even so, poetic or un-poetic (although I’ve read your words and find them very poetic) the attempt would be still be delightful, I should think., if you should like?

        And by the by, Many Words are always Good!

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      3. One may feel as you do, or, may be differently, but, to put one’s feelings in words is one of the most difficult things to do. And, over that, to be exact is to be a master of words for feelings.

        I shall try to attempt and post them! Thanks for the push. :).

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