Off My Trolley Chuffed over YOU!


I Should like to say Thank You, but it seems so trivial, so insignificant, so understated for what I am truly feeling just now….. 

As I logged in this morning and took a brief moment to look over my home page (as I often do to make sure gremlins did not attack while I was away and wreak havoc, scattering images and widgets to the four winds…) I happened to notice my Followers counter (which I do not, honestly, check very often because the STATS matter very little to me)  It read 15, 001, which caused my brain to grind to a halt!

Whaaat????  Seriously???!!!!   My heart hammered for a moment with a flood of emotions, then I burst into tears.  To be sure, I am gobsmacked, flabbergasted, shocked, amazed, and in a state of “deer-in-the-headlights” GAH! but I How do I say Thank You to 15000 friends for the support they offer by following my musings and mumblings?  Is it possible to express the giddy joy, heart-wrenching gratitude and mind-numbing astonishment that is swirling within me at such an unexpected discovery?   OH that I could say Thank You in some manner that doesn’t sound trite, run-of-the-mill or yadda-yadda-yadda-ish!  If I could somehow tell you that YOU mean more to me than I can Ever express!!  YOU are a Blessing to me that You may never realize.  YOU are the reason Booknvolume exists because without YOU, Without YOU returning to read these poor pawns I used to unmask my Heart and Soul; without YOU smiling at my mad ramblings and (perhaps) sighing with me in poetic bliss Booknvolume would have only 1 follower.  Me.

So although Thank You is a feeble sounding phrase to express so much, it is rather like saying I Love You (although that works as well).  They are only a few words, but Words Words Words (I had to get the Shakespeare reference in there, dontcha know!) they mean Ever So Much and I hope, Oh how I Hope, you know how Much YOU Mean to me as well 🙂


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