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Although I have been (more or less) distinctly quiet regarding the release of my second book, DarkFey: Standing In Shadows; I could not in good conscience let it’s first official SALE slip by unannounced &/or unnoticed. So please humour my prattling for a moment and I promise, we’ll get back to the poetry you know and (hopefully) love….

The second installment of The Dark Fey Trilogy, Standing In Shadows picks up the tale where The Reviled left off. If you haven’t yet read The Reviled, I won’t throw out any spoilers, but to give some insights: I unfold the story a bit more slowly than in the first book, allowing the reader more time to get to know the characters, what drives them, what doesn’t, and I introduce a few additional individuals to create a richer, more dynamic plot.  The tale grows more complex, and also more brooding as Gairynzvl relates the dark details about the life in the Uunglarda and the harrowing aspects may anger or draw a tear (as they did with me when I wrote them!). The underlying Positive message remains and becomes the motivating force setting the story, not to mention the characters, in motion; still, I weave in a generous dose of action, romance and a touch of humour, to round the story out.

99 Cents is a bargain, to be sure, not to be passed up, particularly if you have been meaning to, but haven’t yet had the chance, to grab the second chapter of the series. So Here is my Valentines Day gift to YOU:  http://goo.gl/N0gNtD

Now…back to our regularly scheduled program…Thank you for your patience 😉