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My Friend Ste J, over at Book to the Future took time out from his Busy schedule to review Dark Fey: Standing In Shadows 🙂 Curious to know more about Book Two of the Dark Fey Trilogy? Pop on over and have a read 🙂 (THEN Get Ready because Standing In Shadows is on SALE All Weekend for just 99 Cents 😉 !!!




Haven’t Read Dark Fey:  The Reviled yet? Here’s a Review Ste J did to pique your interest 😉




Book to the Future

FeymanjiIf you haven’t read Dark Fey: The Reviled then this synopsis for book two is going to contain a shedload of spoilers that you may want to avoid, however the review itself won’t divulge any plot information that will ruin your reading pleasure.

Gairynzvl escaped captivity among the DemonFey who had abducted him as a child through a daring act of treason and was rescued by Light Loving Fey. Now, he wants to return into the dark realm of The Reviled to attempt a rescue of the innocent childfey trapped there.
It will take more than one Fey to breach the borders of The Uunglarda and to slip past the legions of Dark Fey who abide there. It will take magic and strength, courage and military strategy and it will shake the foundations of everything The Fey of The Light have accepted as truth for thousands of years, but Gairynzvl…

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