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Thanksgiving is admittedly an American holiday, and, being American (ssshhhh!! Don’t tell anyone, ok?) I will be knee deep in the turkey and stuffing tomorrow, to be sure, but I’ve always thought that American’s certainly shouldn’t corner the market on being Thankful. And often times, we don’t (sadly). Setting aside a specific day to Give Thanks is a noteworthy tradition, regardless of your culture or historical background, but to surround that day with rich foods, quality family time and a prayer or two makes this holiday my second favourite. No contest.

Of course, Christmas tops the chart, for a variety of reasons, which I shall certainly visit in other posts as the season unfolds; still, Thanksgiving Day is only second best because there has to be a first. I suppose, if I wanted to be truly impartial I’d simply rate them both as tied for first, but that would be too easy and wouldn’t give me nearly as much to write about, now would it? Nevertheless, notwithstanding, and all the same, Thanksgiving Day, in my book(nvolume) is definitely Cracking Good Stuff!

Obviously, the sumptuously roasted turkey, the 5-bread stuffing steeped in celery, onion, sage, parsley and a hint of garlic, the sweet potato and banana casserole with brown sugar and pecan streusel, the baked broccoli and cheese gratin, the winter vegetables roasted in olive oil and topped with almonds and cranberries, the succulent buttery corn, the whole berry cranberry sauce, the pies, the cookies, and the wines are reason enough (sound’s divine, doesn’t it?) Spending the morning watching the holiday parade live from New York City and eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival always starts the day off with smiles and child-like delight. (I particularly love the horses in full regalia as well as all the balloons!) Gathering with friends and family to enjoy the aforementioned feast spreads throughout the afternoon like the ruddy glow of an amiable fire beneath the heart. Spending the remainder of the day enjoying a fine glass of wine and a rousing game that fills the house with sighs of being far too full and laughter that sometimes ends in fits of tears rounds the day off brilliantly. And finally, finding room in the tummy to enjoy a slice of pumpkin or pecan pie, or some homemade holiday cookies or some far too indulgent fudge (or a smidgen of all!) sends the day spiraling right over the top of perfection into absolute euphoria. (Not to mention sets the bar on the workout regime for the next week!)

Yes, Thanksgiving is brimming over with some cracking good stuff. Undeniably! Yet my favourite time of the day comes when we go round the table and, one by one, say what and or who we are Thankful for, offering a personal portion of gratitude to our prayer before we ever, even begin. To me, this is the most meaningful, entirely wonderful, and beautifully poignant tradition we share, because, to me, without this significant element, the day is meaningless excess.

Lord We Thank You for the Bounty You have Placed Before Us.
We Thank You for this Day of Love and Joy.
We Thank You for Allowing Us to be Together,
To Share with Each Other and With You
The Fullness of Our Hearts on This
Special Day.

Yes, Definitely, Cracking Good Stuff!
And as I will definitely be enjoying all of the aforementioned throughout the day tomorrow, I will most certainly not be around to wish you ALL a very Blessed, Very Bounteous day filled with Friends, Family and Thankfullness for all, as I am for YOU 🙂


~Morgan~Quote from A Christmas Carol with George C Scott (My favourite Christmas Movie, by the by) (Also, definitely cracking good!)
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Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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