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Whispers 1

Listen to the Softest sound,

The Hum of History Speaking loud,

In the dusky, earthen shroud,

Or in the Vision of Liberating Green.

Whispers 2

Past the intricate technology,

Beyond the Fine, Posh Luxury,

Into the Picturesque Vistas I See,

Glimmering in an Archaic Sheen.

Whispers 3

Speaking in Tones Gently Untold,

While the future hurries to unfold,

I Stand on the hillside, Silent and Bold,

Listening to the Whispering Scene.

First Picture: Lingering fog in High Wheeldon, Derbyshire, England
Second Picture: The ruins of Gisborough Priory, An Augustinian priory founded in 1119, North Yorkshire, England
Third Picture: Curbar sunset, Derbyshire, England
All these Beautiful Photographs were found on Pinterest