Love Can

Because I Love

Love Can Touch the Heart of the Soul,

Love Can Create a Vision of Unity,

Love Can Break down Boundaries,

If You Open Your Heart and Your Spirit to it’s Purity.

Love Can Dance on the Wings of the Wind,

Love Can Smile at the Barred, Closed Door,

Love Can Give All, Asking Nothing in Return,

Love Can Face Doubt, Ever True, Ever Sure.

Love Can Bring Joy and Peace Beyond Measure,

But Only When Love is Invited Within,

Love Can Be a Blessing More Precious than Treasure.

Only When Love is Allowed to Begin.



      1. Um, what would I need to do? I’m in VT now, making a flashing visit home and then going to NYC for a friend’s b-day. Wish you could meet me at the pool for poetry and chatting. Wouldn’t that be fun?


      2. That really would be fun 🙂 Its rather easy, but if you’d rather wait until you are home, that is entirely alright. I would email you a few questions and you would fill in your answers and send them back (by Thursday) Then on Saturday you/your blog would be featured in my In The LimeLight weekly post.
        if you fancy the idea, drop me an email via and I’ll send you the questions.


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