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I have been asked, lately, by more than a few what I’ve been up to. Am I working on book two of the Dark Fey Trilogy? If so, when will I be publishing? What else is going on in this journey through publication? Do I have an agent yet?

So, I thought I would take a moment (or three, since we all know very well my level of verbosity makes brevity, although the soul of wit, far from brief when I am at the keyboard) to update any who find themselves interested. For the rest of you, terribly sorry, nothing to see here, move along 🙂

Since publishing Dark Fey The Reviled in January of this year into paperback format, I have enjoyed steady, if not earth-shattering, sales and increasing interest in the story. Shortly after being published, I was interviewed by our local newspaper and that article came out in March (found here: The article did a lot to increase awareness and helped generate a few additional sales. I’ve done some book signings at local libraries and have been building a Twitter following through regular tweets about the book. (If you do not utilize Twitter to promote your self-published books, I highly recommend starting. )

Hook-collage comp

I began working on book two of the trilogy: Dark Fey, Standing in Shadows shortly after publishing The Reviled and am now about 2/3 of the way through writing it. I am aiming for an October publication deadline and the only thing that might alter that plan would be my acquisition of a literary agent. Yes, I am currently actively seeking professional representation and to that end, a London based company contacted me in order to help with the process. With their aid, as well as another author’s aid (Laura Lee Anderson) I have written a query letter appropriate for submissions, written hooks and synopses for book one and two, written character sketches and descriptions of the Realm of Jyndari, and selected my first 15 agents to query.

Exciting is an understatement here!


So MUCH is happening! With over 6000 Twitter followers, word about Dark Fey has spread across the globe (something that still entirely amazes me!) and I routinely discover tweets about my book (and sometimes this blog) by people I’ve never even interacted with, but it goes to show what a little social networking can do. Dark Fey has been reviewed by Top 500 Reviewers (found here: ) as well as other authors ( ). I’ve been featured on C E Lawrence / Carol Bugge’s blog ( ) where, I have been informed by the blog administrator, the article received more attention, shares and reblogs than any other author they have ever featured!

To say I am Honoured and Astonished is another understatement!

Please believe me, I count you ALL as Blessings, for without YOU, without your continued support, readership, reblogs, retweets, shares and mentions, I would still be sitting at my laptop dreaming of the day. Yet today, because of YOU my dear friends (not to mention a bit of hard work that seemed like no work at all because I love every minute of it) I am Living the Dream. Blessings are flowing like gently falling rain and I am standing in the Monumentally Exquisite shower with more Amazement, Greater Appreciation than I can Ever Express, and Absolute JOY as I focus on what appears to be a Bright Shining Future.


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  1. Morgan, I am so happy for you. You must me dancing on cloud nine. Congratulations on your success, best wishes for future success, and lots of luck on securing the perfect agent. Hugs and love, dear friend.


    1. 🙂 I do actually jump for joy now and again 🙂 It is SO amazing to see what is happening, yet sometimes I think, hmmm nothing seems to be happening. Then I take stock and bonk myself on the forehead LOL 🙂 Thanks Ever so much my dear Friend 🙂

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