Open Heart, Open Mind

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Open Heart1

In the Hush of Waiting Dawn,
As Life stirs soft upon the Celestial Tide,
Silence lifts its head, Delicately unheard,
Mute in the rush of conceit and pride.
There in the Quietude,
Lingering in the Calamitous
So Serene,
Children awaken to the Fair, Bright Morn,
Emptiness Yawning to Adorn;
Yet Smiles from Sweet faces Shine,
Without enmity,
Without anger,
Breathing Uncertainty with Rhyme.

Open Heart 2

Stand then not upon Apathetic Stone,
Where rock and shale fall tempestuously round,
But Reach across the Glimmering Morn,
With Harmonious Love Your Soul’s Truest Sound.
With Open Heart and Open Mind,
Gift of Yourself,
Generosity in Kind,
And Quell the cries
As Your Compassion Dries
All the Tears
Of a Thousand Years.

Open Heart 3

Stand not within callous Apathetic Shade,
While greed and avarice plunder and raid,
But with Open Heart and Open Mind,
Gift of Yourself
and Receive in Kind.

Open Heart 4


Gift of Yourself, visit

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Beautiful Photography found at: and on
Beautiful Music is the fourteenth track from the album Karl Jenkins & Adiemus The Essential Collection, 2006



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