Happy BnVersary Booknvolume :)


Can you Believe it? Booknvolume is Two years old today 🙂 Personally, I am overwhelmed. Honestly, who ever would have thought that we would still be here, 93,600+ visits later, with more than 7000 followers in over 170 countries worldwide. NOT I, honestly! When I began this nondescript little blog two years ago, I jumped for joy when I noticed I had 35 followers, I cried in astonished wonder when I received my first blogging award, and sat in open-mouthed, dumb-struck silence when I was Freshly Pressed after only two months.

No, I promise, I’m not bragging. BnV has never really been about stats. Really! It’s about the Love of Words, Laughter, Inspiration, Dreams, Hope, Love, Passion, Harmony, Quiet, Joy, Amazing Music, Great Friends, Good Food and my annoying penchant for Not so Random Capitalization! It’s about Poetry, Shakespeare, Acting (the really great kind that brings you to tears as you watch with a lurching heart and heaving emotion!), Art, Fantasy, (yes and Dark Fey, too!) Beauty, Nature, Compassion, and a hundred other things that make Harmonious Life Worth Living, that, perchance, make Love not such an alien concept, and, if I am Blessed, allow BnV to Be a Blessing to others.

When I started out, I had no idea what blogging was about (Don’t Believe me? here’s my first post, https://booknvolume.com/about/booknvolume-2, go ahead, check it out, we’ll all wait for you, I promise 😉 ) But here we are two years later, me still prattling on, you still sitting there with that perplexed look on your face. And who’s to really say if I’m doing this right, wrong, effectively, or not, but one thing is certain. One thing is Absatively Posolutely Certainifite.

Without YOU, my True, Beautiful, Faithful Friends; Without YOU, both new and not so new (because no one wants to be old!); Without YOU, BNV, Booknvolume, The Book and Volume of this Distracted Globe, would NOT BE HERE.

So, although this post seems oddly self serving, I assure you, it is not. It is merely a celebration of all we’ve been through TOGETHER, Everything we’ve shared, both Happy and Sad (and Thank YOU so much for being there during the SAD!!), and All the Marvelous adventures of Words and Rhymes, of Passion and crimes we have yet to Share. Many Many Many Sweet Blessings, My Friends, My Amazing Followers. YOU TRULY Make All This Worthwhile!!!



    1. I am so Happy to have met you Michelle, even if only electronically. wouldn’t it be fun, one day, to get together, share a cup of tea (or wine, depending) and enjoy a sunny afternoon (well, as long as Im in the shade!LOL)

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